Meaning Of NSFAS Application Status 2023/2024

By | November 16, 2022

Meaning Of NSFAS Application Status 2023/2024

How do you know NSFAS has approved my application, Meaning Of NSFAS Application Status 2023/2024

How do you know NSFAS has approved my application, Meaning Of NSFAS Application Status 2023/2024

If you need more information or are unsure of what your NSFAS application status signifies, we can assist you. It is crucially important to comprehend what you are reading when you check the status of your NSFAS application. Your NSFAS application status is indicated here. In order for you to understand the six (6) NSFAS application statuses and their meanings when you check funding status, we will explain them all in this article.

How long does NSFAS validation take

Unfortunately, NSFAS does not specify a timeframe during which the application will be processed. Students are therefore recommended to regularly monitor the status of their applications.

The Meaning Of NSFAS Application Status

Application Submitted

This indicates that your application was successfully submitted.

Awaiting Academic Eligibility Check

This indicates that NSFAS has not yet determined whether you meet the academic requirements.

Application Withdrawn

This denotes a withdrawal of the application by the applicant. If an application is withdrawn, NSFAS will no longer examine your application. Call NSFAS as soon as you can at 0860067327 to request application reversal if your status has been revoked but you did not start it. It’s possible that you unintentionally clicked “withdraw” or that there was a technical problem.

How To Check If NSFAS Has Approved Your Application


This shows that payments are being made, that NSFAS has authorized your request for financing, and that your registration was successful. Students must constantly check their NSFAS status for any modifications.

Rejected Application

If NSFAS has already supported you and is unable to do so again, this is what will happen.

NotĀ funding

This indicates that you are not eligible for NSFAS financing. Your application was denied.

How To Appeal for NSFAS

There are still open NSFAS appeals, and if you want to submit one, you can do the following:

  • Go to “myNSFAS” and log into your student portal account.
  • From the menu, choose “Track Funding Progress.”
  • Examine the progress tabs for the application.
  • By selecting the “Submit Appeal Tab” option, you can file an appeal if your application status shows a failed notification.
  • You can view the explanation for your application’s rejection once you reach the ‘Application Appeal’ page.
  • Next, you can decide on a convincing
  • then provide documented evidence that your justification is true.
  • Click “Submit Appeal” after that.
  • You can now monitor the appeal’s progress on your myNSFAS account.

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