NSFAS Application Status UJ 2024/2025

By | October 25, 2022

NSFAS Application Status UJ 2024/2025

Results of Potential UJ Admission Status, NSFAS Application Status UJ 2024/2025

Results of Potential UJ Admission Status,NSFAS Application Status UJ 2024/2025

Did you submit an application for the recently closed UJ NSFAS Applications?, If the answer to this question is yes, you must be concerned about the progress of your application. The deadline for NSFAS Aid applications is always January 21. Visit or log into your myNSFAS Account with your ID and the password you set during your application to view the status of your NSFAS application. There, information on your application’s current standing will be made available. find more details below

Results of Potential UJ Admission Status 2024/2025

The University of Johannesburg’s admission status website lists a variety of distinct candidate application statuses and the method used to evaluate them. Let’s examine what the admission status means in further detail.

Pending Review

suggests that the application has been received by the University of Johannesburg. It is vital to assess the application before deciding what paperwork, if any, is needed to finish it. The application status will remain Pending Review until an admission decision is made; applicants are advised to check back for updates.

UJ NSFAS Application Form 2024/2025

Requires Action

shows that the application has some gaps in certain areas. For updates on Unresolved Items, applicants can check their UJ online application tool again.


confirms enrollment in the chosen programme. Conditions may be attached to some admissions offers.
Students are admitted to a programme with a faculty-specific prerequisite using the phrase “provisional admission.” You must submit all unfinished To-Do List items for this programme, as well as satisfy any additional requirements outlined by your instructor.

Cleared Provisional Admission:

demonstrates that all of the prerequisites relevant to the faculty for admission have been met. Now that admission to the desired programme has been fully confirmed.


This status denotes a rejection of admission to the given programme. There have not met the absolute requirements for entrance consideration.

Quota Filled: 

Because the quota has been reached, admission to the programme mentioned has been denied. Even though the application complied with the minimal entrance standards for the programme, it was rejected.


This status denotes applications that have been withdrawn.

Is Central Johannesburg College Funded By NSFAS 2024/2025

NSFAS Application Status UJ 2024/2025

  • Please visit the University of Johannesburg application status tracker page at https://student.uj.ac.za/status.aspx to check your status there.
  • For purposes of verification, enter your personal information. You will need your student number, full name(s), first name(s), or email address, as well as the password you used to apply, in order to check the progress of your application at the University of Johannesburg.
  • To check the status of your application, enter the necessary data and press the next button.
  • You’ll also be able to view the documents that have been submitted and whether any additional ones are required to finish your application. Once all necessary paperwork, including legitimate copies of transcripts and certificates, has been provided, your application will be reviewed before a decision is made.
  • A choice will be made within the parameters established by your department. You will receive an email from the Office of Admissions once they have the department’s decision.
  • You can check the status of your application at any moment by logging onto the University of Johannesburg applicant site.

To check if you have been accepted to the university, you will need the login credentials issued by the institution during the original application process.

Because the data will be used to track the status of your application, it is crucial that you keep it secure. Monitoring the progress of your application is that easy. Finding out the status of your application merely requires a few clicks.

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