NSFAS Laptops 2024/2025

By | October 7, 2022

NSFAS Laptops 2024/2025

NSFAS Laptops 2024/2025, Who Is Entitled To An NSFAS Laptop

When To Expect NSFAS Payment 2024/2025, NSFAS Payment Dates 2024/2025

The Digital Learning Device Project, which NSFAS has developed, allows NSFAS-funded students to apply to obtain a laptop from their learning material allocation bursary. The Digital Learning Device Project aims to make online learning more accessible to students. There are many questions regarding the NSFAS laptop program, so we would like to address some of them, including who is eligible for an NSFAS laptop, whether there is a charge associated with receiving one, how to apply for one, when and where you will receive one, and how to apply.

Who Is Entitled To An NSFAS Laptop

The laptop can only be ordered by students who have NSFAS funding at the moment.

  • To study at a public university or TVET college, students must be enrolled.
  • When purchasing a laptop, students are required to sign the T&Cs.
  • Students must not have previously obtained a laptop from their school or TVET institution.

Who Is Ineligible For An NSFAS Laptop

  • students who are not currently NSFAS funded
  • Students who have previously been given a laptop by their university
  • Laptops included in the enrollment package for students
  • students who did not sign the terms and conditions when purchasing the laptop
  • Students in Trimester 1 of TVET Colleges

The Laptop is Either Free or I Must Pay For It

The student’s allowance for learning materials will be used to pay for the laptop. The annual learning material budget, which can be utilized for textbooks, technology, and other necessary study resources, is now set at R5 200. Therefore, since the stipend is insufficient to pay for both, students must decide between a laptop and textbooks.

Which Model Of Laptop Will I Get

When ordering computers, students will have three alternatives; if the one they choose isn’t available, they should keep an eye on the NSFAS website frequently until it is.

How can I place an NSFAS laptop order

1) Go to the NSFAS webpage.

2) Visit myNSFAS

3) Visit NSFAS laptop order page.

4) Type your ID number.

5) Enter any extra information, such as your student number, the name of the university and campus where you are registered, your contact information, and your address.

Accept the T&C’s

How will I Get My NSFAS laptop

NSFAS will get in touch with you to arrange for the pick-up of your laptop at the campus where you are registered when you place your order for the laptop (by following the instructions above) and you have passed all required inspections.

When Will My NSFAS laptop Arrive

NSFAS laptop deliveries are anticipated to start on April 18, 2024, but there may be a delay.

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