NSFAS Online Application For Postgraduate 2024/2025

By | October 19, 2022

NSFAS Online Application For Postgraduate 2024/2025

Evaluation Criteria,NSFAS Online Application For Postgraduate 2024/2025

Evaluation Criteria,NSFAS Online Application For Postgraduate 2024/2025

Many undergraduate students receive funding from NSFAS, but what happens after you graduate? Does NSFAS continue to provide assistance if you want to pursue postgraduate studies. continue reading because your answers are found right here. An agreement has been established between the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to develop synergies in funding support for undergraduate and graduate students. As a result, starting in 2017, the NRF will handle the National Skills Fund (NSF), Honours, and B Tech postgraduate financing application processes. Undergraduate students who received NSFAS funding for their undergraduate degrees are advised to use the NRF Online Submission System to apply for Honours or B Tech funding.

NSFAS Online Application For Postgraduate 2024/2025

The university where the student will be registered for the Honours or final year B Tech degree must first be determined by the student. Then, applicants seeking financing in 2024 must submit their applications through the NRF Online Submission System to the university where they want to enrol by visiting the following link: https://nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za/. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2024. The NRF Freestanding, Innovation and Scarce Skills Development Fund Honours Block Grant Application and Funding Guide for 2024 contain further instructions on the application process.

NSFAS Online Application Documents Needed 2024/2025

Who Is Eligible To Apply NSFAS Postgraduate 2024/2025


South African citizens only.

  • The eligibility criteria apply to applicants for Honours and final-year B Tech who are intending to register full-time at a South African public university.


  • South African permanent residents;
  • Applicants that already hold an Honours or B Tech degree; and
  • Students pursuing an undergraduate degree are not eligible irrespective of the degree for which they are enrolled.

Evaluation Criteria

All student applications (Table 2) will be evaluated taking into account the following factors:

  • students who previously received funding for their undergraduate degree through NSFAS or the University Financial Aid Scheme;
  • supporting a priority research field of inquiry;
  • Following the completion of the Honours or B Tech degree, the intention to pursue
  • a master’s degree; and the average percentage mark for the preceding degree

Student Nominations and NRF Approval

A block grant of a specific number of bursaries will be distributed by the NRF to each university depending on previous demand, indicated need, and available funding. Before choosing and proposing candidates to receive the available bursaries, institutions will examine each application using a template given by the NRF. Nominations that do not meet these requirements will not be approved by the NRF. Students should not be excluded if they are unable to provide an academic transcript because of unpaid costs. However, they must include documentation of any unpaid educational tuition with a stamp and signature from the institution.

What Requirements Are Needed To Apply For NSFAS 2024/2025

NSFAS PostGraduate NSFAS Funded Courses

Only the following postgrad qualifications are funded by NSFAS:

  • B Tech – Architecture/Architectural Technology
  • B Tech – Biokinetics/Biomedical Technology/Biotechnology
  • B Tech: Chiropractic
  • B Tech: Clinical Technology/Dental Technology
  • B Tech: Emergency Medical Care
  • B Tech: Engineering (Chemical/Civil/Electrical/Industrial/Mechanical/Mechatronics/Metallurgy/Refractories)
  • B Tech: Forestry
  • B Tech: Homeopathy
  • B Tech: Nursing/Nursing Science/Community Nursing/Primary Healthcare/Occupational Nursing)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Laws/LLB

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